"After many years of running for exercise, my body began to feel the years of pounding the pavement. I realized I needed to stop running after a herniated disc and lots of arthritis pain. I looked for things to replace running but didn't find anything I loved as much. Debbie Riley has been a friend for years and I heard she had opened The Real McCoy studio so I decided to give it a try. Nearly a year later now, I am addicted. I can move my neck and back with little to no pain and my joints feel so much better that I am slowly getting back into running. Not only do I get a great workout under Debbie's care and attention to detail, my body feels longer and better than it has in years. Debbie makes sure that each movement is done perfectly so you get everything out of each move. My posture is better and I can look over my shoulder while driving without pain which hasn’t happened in years. I look forward to going to both my private sessions as well as her mat classes. On top of that, she has taught me to use many pilates postures and body positions in my daily life. There are a lot of pilates classes out there that seem like the real thing, but going to The Real McCoy makes you understand the idea behind the reason pilates was actually created. It is more than just an exercise class. Thank you Debbie!!!"

Cindy A., Wrentham

"Debbie's private Pilates classes over the last year have made it possible to have a golf season free from back pain; have a hockey season where my skating foundation was stronger; improved flexibility; no back pain (last year always had pain); AND faster post game recovery. Also, I'm in Sales and do a lot of driving. My posture is now better which helps me avoid the back and leg pain on long drives. Debbie's instruction is strict on the fundamentals (but fun) and it pays off in the long run."

Tim C., Franklin

"A hidden gem in Wrentham...Debbie Riley that is. It's refreshing and rare to find a true professional trained in the art of Pilates. Try it...so you know what you've been missing."

Martha R., Walpole

"After several years of Mat classes with Debbie, I continue to be challenged, grow stronger and see RESULTS.  Her attention to detail ensures I get the most out of every workout."

Lori C., Plainville